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For Palabos of even this time continue lattice Boltzmann method.

(Recap up to the previous) ***************************
– By some freak coincidence know Palabos dealing with the lattice Boltzmann method in open source
– Lattice Boltzmann Method seems good or if you do not want to multiphase flow, which is especially droplet splash
– Secretary aims to reproduce the milk crown than before

Well, next I have used is the grasp of the contents decodes the Tutorial.
As I wrote in a previous article, Palabos is so run to make the code of C ++ Apparently on a case-by-case basis, making it to the fact that writing of the source code of the Tutorial is also C ++.

Palabos of Tutorial page

Of course, it is English, but here will attempt to decipher while understanding little by little.

Part of such declaration


Charm. Palabos seems to be required libraries in writing of the code. (Please refer to the original text to be precise)
This example is so two-dimensional analysis “2D”, but when the three-dimensional problem has been replaced by the “3D”.

<Iostream> and <iomanip>
Standard library in C ++.
iostream library to use the std :: cout and std :: cin. Sets and; “using namespace std”.
iomanip libraries needed to be accompanied by arguments to the I / O operation (manipulator).

using namespace plb;
Library name space of Palabos.
(Palabos developer documentation. Namespace list)

typedef double T;
Simulation is performed in double-precision floating-point number. #define DESCRIPTOR plb :: descriptors :: D2Q9Descriptor
Use the two-dimensional “D2Q9 lattice”.
Since the lattice Boltzmann method, there is a kind also to the “grid” in the same two-dimensional, I wonder if you specify it?
Come and I think maybe the degree of freedom calculation accuracy ones has changed or that (forecast).


Today so far.