FY2013 open CAE study meeting @ Gifu of summer training camp report day 2 (article from the blog movement)

It is mmer547.

Day 2, 9:00 at the start from, the following was a double feature.
Exercise 3: [basic] take advantage of the verification example of the basic operation and Code_Aster provide thermal stress analysis (Shibata)
Exercise 4: [application] crack propagation analysis with X-FEM (Maeda)

One eye of thermal stress analysis was never done it itself, but because Salome-Meca itself is used, worked on the triumphant and exercises.
But solver will fall into a state that ends with an error, I was allowed to look at the screen of the results they give up to the secretary like you were next to.
(Succeeded again from scratch to break time after. Seems to be because the mesh group had become strange.)

The contents of the exercises in the thermal stress analysis of bimetal (which was bonded to two metal plates with different thermal expansion rate), was the exercise basic can learn of Salome-Meca while basic problem.

The second X-FEM, this is in the study session last, was the most challenging high exercises.
This exercise is difficult to crack analysis, was that going to set the conditions using an editor efficas to further set the command file of CodeAster from the beginning.
I had been most sitting in the back of the seat, but it was Welcome also those who hand is folded stopped.

However, I will because there not a little to solve the problem of dealing with the crack, to rely on the only curiosity of the unknown part of CodeAster Crack analysis, we were able to go somehow with.
When I saw the result of the calculation, there was a sense of accomplishment of a mystery though it exercises.

X-FEM itself is a technique that has also been incorporated into the commercial solver, it seems to also be counted as one of the mesh-free method.
Even without a tree cleft worth of modeling (Messing), that crack propagation can be I think whether there is an advantage. (It seems there is a need to consider carefully about the crack growth of accuracy but ...)

Was the exercises can be felt firsthand the depth of even CodeAster of function and to what.

After the exercise becomes a dissolution, we arrived to return each person who participated.
I also went back in the secretary like a bullet train, but I have slept or from fatigue.
However, rather than the unpleasant tired, it was strangely refreshing feeling of fatigue.

Next year, I understand that might do in Hot Springs Gero, also do you go next year, too, was a meaningful training camp that seem so.



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