It is a continuation.

Well, it was also interesting announcement of the person who had been first participation this time.

We can not tell only atmosphere because it is not material, but was it a desire to the analysis of the solar chimney.

Chimney looks chimney.
Now that we have various out a search for solar chimney, it is the degree to which gnawed reading I apparently like a natural convection type ventilation system or power generation system that uses the energy of sunlight.

A student’s announcement, the figure that has been addressed to the ambitious was impressive.
Also I would like to come and cheer as a study session.

Finally Konno’s Information announcement of.

Story of analysis techniques in the case of the remaining in the impression perform analysis in OpenFOAM.

Such as flow rate and the amount of heat balance should be monitored by the analysis
By specifying the function to advance in OpenFOAM to controlDict, of course, it is seen in the running. Yes it is possible to output from any later.
(So was the recommendation that will help you do all of you.)

patchSummary and patchAverage, that are available to specify the boundary with commands such as patchIntegrate, Toka can calculate a more accurate flow rate rather than the value that was rounded in such paraview.

Also it works Nante displayed in again to create a set of cells, including those of the face in the display further setSet create → parafoam the VTK of bad orthogonal face through foamToVTK -faceSet option parafoam from checkMesh.

After that find $ FOAM_TUTORIALS -name file name to search for example | xargs grep string Toka.

For techniques to help in these practices, maybe this year is us talking about Konno’s in the seminar open CAE Symposium that takes place in Osaka? !
Is a personal expected large.

Or more, was a study session report.

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