I tried to touch the PALABOS (article from the blog movement)

Erroneous transmission was be .... It is TomiHara of secretary.

When I thought that I wonder I see that the lattice Boltzmann method has been used in fluid analysis in the blender,

To obuchi's Tweets because there was a description of and there is an open source of the lattice Boltzmann method that Palabos saw touch.

1. Download the palabos-v1.4r1.tgz from HP of Palabos

2. Extract with a suitable folder.
This time, create a folder called PALABOS to / home, it was thawed and transferred one of the files there.

tar zxfv palabos-v1.4r1.tgz

3. Read well know not Nari to the HP explanation, that with time being white compile go to the folder of the example.
I wonder if you compile once once?
Like a Make file is prepared. Not seen the contents, try the time being done in the following.

cd  ~/PALABOS/palabos-v1.4r1/examples/showCases/cavity2d

4. I was able to run a file called cavity2d. Try running.


5. calculation begins. cavity2d / tmp folder on the result seems is adapted to be output.
By the way, the results seemed have been used VTK format, Paraview had been recommended even HP.
I'm glad because it familiar.

The result is here.


I wonder if does not come out the pressure.

Do not say anything and do not look look a little more.

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