Chores in charge is mmer547.

This is a report about the 8 / there was FY2013 open CAE study sessions to 10, 11 @ Gifu of summer training camp.

(We received the request from the secretary-like)
The following is a report.

The first day was to be headed together to the secretary-like and the meeting because it was from noon.
But, because the secretary-like has been exhibiting examples usual troubled habit, we starting one hour late than the original set time.
(Waiting time was not a problem because I have been set to one hour ahead of time taking into account the per that.)

Arrived at the nearest of Ogaki Station, I went to the venue by taxi from eating lunch at a nearby pasta shop.

The first day that the exercise of the fluid, there was the following training.
① [basic] exercise was subject to flow around a two-dimensional cylinder with PISOFOAM (Tamura like)
② [application] take advantage of TreeFOAM in DEXCS-OpenFOAM (Fujii like)

It is the flow around the first one of the cylinder, but first I was surprised at the documentation that is built firmly.
80 sheets than the slide, including the appendix, such as can review and application was the best part.
So is the other exercises, but the handout of this summer camp was of the quality about compare favorably to pay seminar Yara vendor Yara Society.

In the example that was also targeted the test results for the flow around a circular cylinder of the target, but the image is was easy to.

Content itself was felt that basic OpenFOAM of use using the text editor.
Material did not become also may get lost that you are exactly.

Personally it was good that it was found that use of the snappyHexMesh you have been using the black box in HelyxOS.

But is the use of two eyes of TreeFOAM, for so had received description was from the secretary-like roughly referred to as a “handle OpenFOAM of the file structure in the form of a tree,” this, before receiving the exercises have been imagine like a tree command year.

|- 0
|- constant

↑like this

I was surprised to its maturity and ease of use of the try out.

On the day is distributed update version, in that version is HelyxOS v1.01 is had been able to use from TreeFOAM.

Cooperation with this HelyxOS is it was awesome.

When you create a mesh read the stl file in HelyxOS, I corner of the model is dull and not to extract a feature line, this is so can be extracted with the push of a button “feature extraction line” that’s TreeFOAM I had been.

So had been slow to feature extraction vessels in everyday use HelyxOS, this feature is really appreciated.

In addition, since the parallel computing can also be set on the GUI, it was unbearable tool to “paint FOAMer” such as myself.

Confirmation collectively in certain Excel-ish cell format for the settings in each file, since the modification can be, was the tool that come in handy when dealing with complex boundary conditions.

After the exercises the end was done the exchange meeting which also serves as a dinner there in the venue next to the accommodation facility in the Japanese Dining ensō Ogaki’s.
Rocked heard the story for the benefit of the seniors of the industry while drinking sake.

After the exchange meeting was plunged into Yawa Association named after-party to move towards the accommodation (it should have had in this).
People here, because already is under engine, was exciting and a further talk rammed while or move the seat.
(I was recommended again Impact from Shibata teacher. I will regularly Toriageyo in its own way at the time being this blog.)

Because the property is the ceiling was made of grates (might difficult to image), but What with what Yara sound next to the room’s the cylinder omission, to me regardless of the liquor was turned into a feel good, …… I have to sleep in the flow that went back to the room while thinking of tomorrow’s exercise in pleasant mood.

(Continued on the second day repos)

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