Chores is mmer547.

We have corrected an overview of the official Validation project.

Deficit part is becoming changes.


Code_Aster launched the official Validation Japanese documentation project.

This starts from the tweet’s @Jun_Tatsuno, in Warunori of Secretary (@OCB_kansai),
I became a carry to manage.

Recently, there is also a fact that the study of CAE with the Salome-meca, I decided where I am allowed to start because it is a good opportunity.

Basically, to share with those who are have the same interest and OpenFOAM tutorial documentation project ( of Torishikiri secretary-like, official validation of Code_Aster jointly we would like to create a Japanese document.

Official validation for multi and base of the number of French,
Hurdle to read is not never low, I think the threshold for the use is high.
Therefore, in order to lower the threshold of the official validation, thus Code_Aster use,
I think I want to do the creation of a Japanese document of official validation.

However, validation because the number is considerably more of a problem, it does not could take and if decades have created what was elaborate too much.
Therefore, you, but it I will decide the guidelines of basic created for the time being.

The following page is a page that is prepared here as a sample and a template.—hollow-cylinder-plane-strain

The basic items that you want to create,
① concise Japanese translation of the validation problem of content is seen problem name
② Overview
③ kind of analysis
④ document location (link)
⑤ keyword
Contour diagram showing the contents of the ⑥ example, we were allowed to set the graph and the like.
The first overview of the validation problem as a first step we believe that going to make that kind of is seen index.

Basically, we want you to reduce the above-mentioned basic item, but on creating and then leave it to people of the participants.
(If you would like to create something fancy do not do is stop.)
In addition, it acknowledges that make modifications change with respect to pages that other person has been made, I want you to tolerate towards the author.
However, acts such as replacing Marukkiri to another page without permission, please refrain.
(Please implementation in consultation. Affects made the people of morale.)

In addition, validation will be performed as intended for version 11.

Please use, so we have also provided a template when creating.
(Template Name: V & V_ sample)

Read the summary of the project, thank you that you will contact you google account name and your name to the following e-mail address If you would like to participate.
(In the subject line please describe it is the e-mail for the participation project.)

We look forward to the participation of everyone.

(Handyman @mmer547)


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