8/3 24th study session report ① (article from the blog movement)

I am TomiHara you have an open CAE study sessions @ Kansai secretary.

I have started, such as a blog, but I would like to put together such events and its activity reported in the study session.

Well, first post is the 24th open CAE study meeting @ Kansai report that was done the other day.

It was held by relocated to Osaka University Nakanoshima Center than this time.
I was surprised at a very beautiful.

Participants 15 people, of which the first participant 3 people.
Summarily the announcement to remember.

First there was the introduction of optimization of the tool called OpenMDAO by Katayama.

OpenMDAO HP (English)

The MDAO It seems Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization (MDAO).
And the recent good ear and optimization, but it is the wave of open source has come in such a field.

For OpenMDAO, please see also there together and since they are already in Up the presentation materials of Katayama's to open CAE Society of HP.


Announcement about the next Takagi teacher of the bubble column (bubble column).

Interface issues a bubble from the slit ones had been reported a phenomenon that rises in the analysis of the bubble column by bubbleFoam that has been announced is more of another previously.

This time, it had been announced to be elucidated it causes

The pressure boundary condition of ① inlet and are using zeroGradient

② If the flow is to be analyzed from the undeveloped state (initial conditions are waiting for further state)

③ until the change to settle (?) Gradient in the inlet is the law of conservation is no longer satisfied occurred

④ interface rises

It was that (I'm sorry confusing).
In the case of these analysis it seems to be the use of fixedFluxPuressure to boundary conditions.

By the way, the issues that are available in the tutorial is likely to flow from the first is not a problem even zeroGradient have become a case of the state of development.

Here See also, so we have Up the presentation materials of the teacher.

(Now that we have longer continued to 2)


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