It is secretary.

I’m sorry those who appeared to Gifu camp report second day.
There is entrust to Mr. Nma.

Well, lattice Boltzmann method open source PALABOS2_nichime.
Installation of the continuation of the (horror stories) this time.

Looking at the HP ( of PALABOS
There and The Palabos-Python interface’s of The Palabos-Java interface.

For secretary is English and computer illiterate
Without reading them carefully to think about, “I wonder if can be something in Python?”
Working on I tried but ,,,

Because ①Python and Java interface seems thing called “wrapper”,
Apparently intended for people who do not want to programming in C ++.
(The fact that I can be coded in Python or Java instead of C ++)

②Python’s interface seems to have been removed from Ver.1.3. (1.4 is now)

③ Although secretary I think that it is sufficient to programming in C ++,
When stepping on the procedure to install the Java interface,
Result as a GIF file will now be output normally.

So, is not a needle in a haystack, but not grasp is still full picture.
Wonder if the next tutorial.

By the way, when it comes to output a GIF, but analysis time is now quite long,
Image looks much cleaner than when you load a VTK in Pareview.
Whats With It

So, is the image that was GIF output. Same cavity2D the other day.